What are the surface states of stainless steel plates?

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1, No. 1 surface

Processing type: hot rolling, annealing, descaling.
Status characteristics: rough, no light.
Main content: After hot rolling to the specified thickness, it is then annealed and descaled. It is usually used in industrial applications, heat and corrosion resistance, and is not required for surface smoothness.

2, 2D surface

Processing type: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or phosphorus removal.
Status: The surface is even and matt.
Main content: heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling. The matt surface is produced by pickling or phosphorus removal. It can be flattened with a matte roll. The matte finish facilitates retention of the lubricant on the round steel surface during deep drawing. This surface is suitable for processing deep-drawn fasteners, but these parts need to be polished after they are formed.

3, 2B surface

Processing type: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or phosphorus removal, bright processing.
Status characteristics: smoother and flatter than the 2D surface.
Main content: On the basis of the 2D surface, the heat-treated and dephosphorized steel is polished with a small amount of polishing stick. It is the most commonly used surface finish and can be used for any purpose except for complex fastener deep drawing.

4, BA surface

Processing type: cold rolling, bright annealing.
Status characteristics: smooth, bright, reflective.
Main content: After cold rolling, bright annealing is carried out in a controlled atmosphere furnace. A hydrogen or nitrogen mixed atmosphere is usually used to prevent oxidation during annealing, which is also a common surface processing for subsequent reprocessing.

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