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Author Articoli
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recently claimed to be able to break a wireless password, secretly connected to the [url=http://switchonsale.com/huawei/Huawei_Optix_Osn_3500_Ii_Stm_1_Optical_Interface_Board_Ssn2Slo1_S_1.1_Lc.html]Huawei Optix Osn 3500 Ii Stm 1 Optical Interface Board Ssn2Slo1 S 1.1 Lc[/url] others to achieve &ldquo free �� �� Internet; rub card �� in the market speculation &ldquo card; �� raise a Babel of criticism of, and even &rdquo, �� �� �� James Cameron; selling hot, many users emerge in an endless stream, too could not resist this free lunch �� �� the temptation to join &ldquo &rdquo ranks; rub network. At the same time, many users have begun to complain about their use of wireless internet router is very slow, suspected of being �� rub network ��. �� network card �� what kind of product is it, and how do we protect our wireless network security?

&ldquo card rub rub card; �� is a Wifi wireless LAN card, wireless network card and compared to standard, mainly has the following features:


China no emission power authority provides antenna gain is lower than that of the 2.4GHz [url=http://switchonsale.com/huawei/Huawei_New_Original_Switch_S5300_Series_Network_Switch.html]Huawei New Original Switch S5300 Series Network Switch[/url] products 10dBi equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) must be less than or equal to 100mW the EU CE certification standards, e.i.r.p.of 2.4GHz wireless LAN products (EIRP) is less than or equal to 100mW, so the standard of wireless router and wireless network card transmitting power is generally between 50-100mW, &rdquo and �� rub card; the emission power is generally above 800mW, is ten times the standard of wireless products. And a mobile phone, strong radiation, severely exceed the standard products, long time, use will affect human health in the distance.


can crack the password this kind of card are generally equipped with BT3/BT4 software, but only to crack WEP encryption, AES encryption for wireless routers using WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK but incapable of action, so as long as the choice of the appropriate encryption method can prevent malicious rub network.

how to prevent the net

to understand the �� net card �� the characteristics of the net is easier to prevent. All TP-LINK wireless router supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security mechanism, as long as the user in the router settings, select the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK type safety, and specify the encryption method of AES encryption, can effectively protect the safety of the wireless network, to prevent the theft of a rub network.

for TP-LINK 11N wireless router and wireless USB network adapter, 150M wireless router and wireless USB network card, users can also quickly set up AES encrypted wireless network through QSS fast security settings function. If the user is supporting the use of the above products, only in two minutes respectively, click the QSS button on the router and the network card, you can easily set up WPA2 level between wireless network and wireless router AES encryption security connection, no need to remember the password, can effectively prevent the &rdquo & ldquo; rub card theft. All

TP-LINK have support for WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption mechanism, and the hardware implementation of AES encryption algorithm, encryption and decryption process more efficient, so that users in the use of AES encryption to protect the [url=http://routerproduct.com/infotech/Huawei_Smartax_Ma5626_8_16_24_Ports_Mdu_Olt.html]Huawei Smartax Ma5626 8 16 24 Ports Mdu Olt[/url] network at the same time, non linear can not be affected, to ensure that users surf the Internet as smoothly. In addition, TP-LINK products also support wireless MAC address filtering, SSID hiding, firewall and other functions. Users can further protect their wireless network through these functions. recommended reading: teach you a trick: check the FAST router rub network set

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