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A submersible pump with a float ball includes a pump body (1) and a control circuit (100) arranged in the pump body (1); the control circuit (100) is equipped with a start-stop switch; the pump body (1) is flexibly connected with a cable float ball (3) through a cable (2); the submersible pump body (1) is characterized in that a support rod (4) is vertically rotated on the side wall of the pump body (1), and the cable is fixed to the support rod (4) along the length direction of the support rod (4). On the rod (4); the pump body (1) is also provided with a driving mechanism for driving the support rod (4) to rotate to a horizontal state; the pump body (1) is also provided with an auxiliary circuit (200) for controlling the driving mechanism; the auxiliary circuit (200) includes a detection circuit and an output circuit, wherein the detection circuit is connected with the start-stop switch for transmission when the start-stop switch is activated. The output circuit is electrically connected with the detection circuit to receive and output a driving signal in response to the starting signal, and the driving mechanism is electrically connected with the output circuit to receive and respond to the driving signal action.
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