Self-priming performance of self-priming pump

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Author Articoli
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  The main function and feature of the self-priming pump is self-priming capability. How to improve the performance of the pump to obtain the maximum profit needs to do the following: First, the discharge valve starts to open and the self-priming pump must be opened to allow the gas to be discharged from the discharge port. Secondly, there must be a sufficient amount of liquid in the self-priming pump chamber, otherwise it should not be pumped.
     If there is no liquid in the chamber of the self-priming centrifugal pump, the gas-liquid foam mixture cannot be formed and the gas cannot be pumped. Too little suction in the self-priming pump chamber also does not allow pumping. In order to ensure the speed and reliability of pumping, a sufficient amount of liquid should be filled in the pump chamber before starting. I hope that you can use the self-priming pump to help you.
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