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Author Articoli
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The main principle of Bushbuddy Ultra is that it uses the flammable gases produced by wood retorting, meets the pre-heated air through the gap between the inner and outer wall, and carries out secondary combustion, so the fuel burns sufficiently and produces huge heat.
1. Low cost: The main material tin cans are collected from scrap purchasing stations, which cost RMB 1.00 yuan (Bushbuddy Ultra on Taobao sells nearly RMB1000.00). It doesn’t cost money to own paint cans, milk powder cans and so on. Fuel is readily available, and dried wood with pencil thickness or above is available. Practice in Hanzhong proves that dead pine, fir and cypress branches are the best, followed by poplar, oak, locust and bamboo, and Paulownia wood. Dead wood is not easy to burn, the ground is usually wet, and the dead branches picked from trees are very dry. A famous quote from a foreign donkey friend is: “In the wild, you can always find dry wood.”

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