Research and development of J444E ultra pure ferritic stainless steel in Jiuquan Steel

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Author Articoli
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On the morning of May 1st, cheers of the stainless steel cold rolling mill in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co. On the same day, in order to give a gift to labor day, Hongxin stainless steel branch held a brief new product research and development ceremony. On the scene, a banner written “congratulations on the success of J444E stainless steel in Jiuquan Steel” was raised by more than 20 workers. They shouted, “I struggle, I am happy, I work, I am happy!”
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It is understood that J444E stainless steel is a kind of steel specially developed for the automobile exhaust system. Other steel mills in China have not produced it, and there are no relevant standards at home and abroad. It is a product of its own design, research and development, and its own name. Among them, “J” represents “Jiuquan Steel” and “E” stands for “automobile exhaust”. [url=]Clavo de acero inoxidable hecho en China de alta calidad[/url]
This steel is designed according to customer demand, mainly used in automobile exhaust system. Through recycling the exhaust gas from the engine, it can improve engine combustion efficiency, reduce emission pollution, and have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. At present, Jiuquan Iron and steel company has J444E stainless steel mass production capacity. The success of the research and development of the steel has filled the gap in China and reached the leading level in technology.[url=]Hoja de acero inoxidable Sus430 para escáneres MRI[/url]

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