Principle and Process of Chemical Reaction in Titanium Plate Electroplating

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Titanium plate is one of the series products of stainless steel plate, which can be understood as: Titanium gold mirror panel. The reason why the surface of titanium sheet has a golden yellow effect is one of the advanced methods to obtain the metal layer on the surface of titanium sheet by electroplating technology. This technology room controls all process conditions, such as bath composition, current, temperature and plating time.
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The oxide film on the surface of stainless steel sheet can not only control the thickness, but also change the appearance color and performance of the coating. This electroplating technology can be used to coat the required metal layer on the surface of various metal materials. It can also make titanium deposit on the surface of stainless steel by some special treatments.[url=]Cold drawn annealed bright finish ASTM A580 440A stainless steel wire[/url]
Cathode, anode and plating bath are three elements of plating process. Titanium plate is stainless steel plate material as cathode, which is connected with the negative of DC power supply. Metal anode is connected with the positive of DC power supply. The cathode and anode are immersed in plating bath. The plating bath contains metal-plated tears, and some other substances are added. Quality. When the DC power supply is connected to the plating bath, the current in the plating bath passes through and the resistance value of the rheostat is adjusted. The plating can be carried out normally by controlling the temperature of the plating bath. When the electroplating circuit is connected, if the anode metal connected to the positive electrode of the power supply is soluble, the quality of the metal anode decreases gradually with the oxidation reaction of the metal on the anode, while the coating appears on the surface of the stainless steel plate connected to the negative electrode of the power supply, which is due to the reduction reaction of the metal ions in the electroplating bath on the cathode. . Any kind of electroplating is obtained on the cathode in the core of the bath. Obviously, the cathode can be coated only when the current passes through the bath, which is a necessary condition for electroplating. However, many other parameters, such as bath stability, plating process parameters and utilization of electric energy, need to be controlled in order to obtain electroplating coatings whose structural coupling properties can meet the requirements.
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