Pneumatic grouting pump

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Pneumatic grouting pump is mainly used for waterproofing and reinforcing grouting of coal mine and iron mine, bolt supporting grouting of underground roadway, advanced guide rod supporting grouting of tunnel excavation, water shutoff of shaft wall and consolidation grouting of broken rock, grouting water shutoff and grouting of broken rock stratum in subway, tunnel, railway roadbed, hydraulic dike and dam, building engineering, etc. Slurry consolidation works.
Pneumatic grouting pump can be used for single-liquid grouting (cement slurry) or double-liquid grouting (cement slurry, water glass).
Working Principle of Pneumatic Grouting Pump
The pneumatic grouting pump uses compressed air as power and a cylinder with rod cavity and rod cavity as double liquid grouting. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient movement and transportation, and is suitable for multi-point grouting with frequent movement.
The pneumatic grouting pump can be safely used in flammable, explosive, strong magnetic field, radiation, dusty, large temperature change and watering places.

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