Operating environment of submerged pump

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Author Articoli
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As a kind of pump, submerged pump has its unique natural application environment.
1. Natural environment of chemical plant. Chemical plant liquids, such as strong acid and alkali liquids, corrosive liquids. The motor is generally at the liquid level, and the pump housing is below the liquid level. Rubber products, fluoroplastics, aluminium alloys, FRP anticorrosion and other unique anti-corrosion properties are mostly used.
2. Industrial wastewater from wastewater pits. If the wastewater pit is generally shallow, sewage treatment by submerged pump is selected, and YW type submerged sewage pump is selected. If wastewater drilling mud is more, NL mud pump is selected. NL mud pumps are all submerged pumps, because of the diversity of design schemes, it can extract more viscous drilling mud.
3. Natural environment of sea surface. There is weak corrosion on the sea surface, so the submerged pump is suitable only. Installation is convenient, simple, the motor on the top and down the sea, is a common pump in desalination processing plants.
4. Natural environment with a higher depth of subsurface. Some load natural environment is more unique, the depth of 15-12 meters below the liquid varies. If a submersible pump or a submersible sewage pump is selected, the cable will be soaked in liquid for a long time, and the air will be oxidized and eroded slowly for a long time, so the safety factor is not high. However, the selection of submerged pump prevents the difficult problem of motor and cable under the liquid.
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