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Copper is a transition element, chemical symbol of copper, English copper, atomic number 29. Pure copper is a soft metal, its surface is red-orange with metallic luster when it is just cut, and its elemental substance is purple-red. Because of its good ductility, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, it is the most commonly used material in cables and electrical and electronic components. It can also be used as building materials and can make up many kinds of alloys. Copper alloys have excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity, among which bronze and brass are the most important ones. In addition, copper is a durable metal that can be recycled many times without compromising its mechanical properties.[url=]Storage Pallet Rack Structural Steel Beam Load Tables[/url]
Divalent copper salts are the most common copper compounds. Their hydrated ions are often blue, while chlorine ligands are green. They are the source of mineral colors such as blue copper ore and turquoise. They have been widely used as pigments in history. Copper building structures are corroded to produce verdure (basic copper carbonate). Decoration art mainly uses copper and copper-containing pigments.
Copper is one of the earliest metals used by human beings. As early as prehistoric times, people began to excavate open-pit copper mines and use the acquired copper to make weapons, tools and other utensils. The use of copper had a far-reaching impact on the progress of early human civilization. Copper is a metal found in the earth’s crust and oceans. The content of copper in the crust is about 0.01%. In some copper deposits, the content of copper can reach 3%-5%. Copper in nature exists mostly in compounds, namely copper ores.[url=]304 316 stainless steel U C V channel[/url]
The activity of copper is weak. Copper can be replaced by iron when it reacts with copper sulfate. Copper is insoluble in non-oxidizing acids.
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