Measures to prevent defects in stainless steel medium and thick plates

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Author Articoli
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In the process of using stainless steel plates, attention should be paid to defects. Small longitudinal cracks, peak cracks, edge cracks, inclusions and scars will affect the surface quality of the steel plate. The quality of the surface will be changed and the quality of the product is reduced.[url=]8 X 4 Feet Ss Sheet No 4 Stainless Steel Finish[/url]
The form of the defect of the steel plate:
1, small longitudinal cracks, small longitudinal cracks on the surface of steel plates are less than 200mm, less than 3mm in width and less than 0.3mm in depth.
2, the peak crack occurs in the 5-60mm at the distance from the bottom plate of the steel plate, and the macro direction is perpendicular to the rolling direction, showing a “mountain peak” shape.
3, the edge crack, the crack mainly occurs at the edge of the steel plate 20-80mm, the shape is a number of different sizes of parallel longitudinal cracks, the law is that the thickness of the steel plate, the wider, the more serious such defects.[url=]JIS SMA570W GB Q460D Mild Steel Plate Hot Sale[/url]
4, inclusions, scars, inclusions and scars are regularly distributed, and the phenomenon is obvious after fine whole operation, such as the inspection of the edge of the edge of the flame and the cleaning of the blaze of the billet.
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