Huawei Enhanced MSTP Transmission Boosts Ningbo Subway

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Author Articoli
20 giugno 2018 at 04:08 #130245

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Zhao Qin, deputy general manager of Ningbo Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. shared the results of the construction of Ningbo Metro Line 2 transmission network and highly recognized Huawei’s enhanced MSTP solution.

Zhao Qin stated that Huawei’s enhanced MSTP solution is in line with the trend of large-scale, IP-based, and more secure metro services, enabling various services such as LTE, video surveillance, and PIS to be uniformly supported by a single network while providing large bandwidth and high reliability. It is in line with the needs of the metro optical transmission system. Therefore, the Ningbo Rail Transit Line 2 police system introduced the Huawei enhanced MSTP solution and achieved successful application.

According to the deputy chief engineer Qingyin of the No.2 Subway Administration Department of China Railway Administration, the urban rail transit in China is in a large-scale construction phase, and the IP trend of various subway services has become more and more obvious. At the same time, high-definition video surveillance, etc. have made greater transmission bandwidth. demand.

TDM services and IP services will still coexist, and traditional SDH and OTN technologies will be overwhelmed. This will promote the evolution of transport network technologies. Huawei’s enhanced MSTP solution concept meets the requirements of the metro industry. The evolution of the subway business and the development of the transmission technology are all suitable for the application of the metro industry.

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