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Are you picking up other peoples thoughts in your head from sitting in their chair or spending a lot of time with them? 

There are so many forms of pollution both physical and energetic that we are exposed to in a day (most of it we cannot see). Some of the symptoms that ensue are: exhaustion Authentic Anthony Miller Jersey , laziness, crankiness, unproductiveness, blaming attitudes Authentic James Daniels Jersey , poor sleep, bad dreams, etc.

Whether we believe that we are affected by all those around us or not, we can agree that creating boundaries of who and what we invite into our home is important so we don’t have every random bum like Bob and annoying neighbor like Sally sitting at our dining room table for dinner every night… uninvited! Hence Authentic Roquan Smith Jersey , they are not welcome onto our lawn or through our front door. We have fences, walls, and laws to support us in maintaining these boundaries.


Too, we want to do the same with the subtler crud we might be carrying from the day. This can be checked at the door Eddie Goldman Jersey , released to the winds and carried out to sea with a little intention.


Here is a list of several suggestions that create barriers from unnecessary physical, and energetic pollution remaining attached to you and settling into your home, your bed, your head and your dreams.


Take off your shoes and leave them at the front door – whatever crud we have walked through in the subway or public restroom is on the soles of those shoes. Take ‘em off and ask that bacteria to remain outside.


Change into house clothes that you only wear at home. Your clothes are full of grime Kevin White Jersey , other people’s b.o., perfume, positive ions from pollution – which aren’t so positive! Have specific comfortable clothes for home. When you put them on it triggers the brain that you are home and it is time to unwind, relax and sleep.


Use a clearing stick made of palo santo or sage: simply light the stick to an ember and use the smoke to clear your field of any confusion from the day.


Take a shower and clear your chakras – Washing the body is always a good way to clear the stink and grime from inside coming out and the outside sticking on. And Cody Whitehair Jersey , there’s more. Use your purified water in the shower to clean your charkas. Simply unwind one chakra at a time (counter-clockwise) with the water pouring over the chakra and envision any negativity being swept down the drain. The Andean Shaman do a similar technique in the glacier lakes… cold, yet effective. Be sure to realign the chakra (moving the energy back clockwise).


Meditate – Take 5-10 minutes and clear your head. This is what gets most scrambled in a day. Sit down, gently go through your day, clean up the clutter that is not completed. You can write a list of the to-do’s to unload it from repeat in the head. As well Leonard Floyd Jersey , you can review your day without judgement and take note of where you responded with best of you and where you reacted less than your best. The areas where you’ve noticed you could improve, simply walk through that scenario again in your mind’s eye with you choosing the way you prefer to move and be.

If you’re extra sticky – Learn how to spit Florida water and clear your field and your loved one’s too. Florida water is energetic clearing water. Just put a little in your mouth a spit it across your friend’s head or area in pain. Have intention to clear whatever energy is blocking that area of the person. Often, I will spit across my beloved from head to toe – front, side Eddie Jackson Jersey , back, other side. She loves it and feels revived almost every time after the spitting.


These are a few of many techniques that create an energetic boundary to maintain more harmony and balance in your home, your body and your head. Try a few for a week or a month and notice the difference. It works!


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