Household gas boiler product introduction:

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      The domestic gas boiler is a kind of thermal energy conversion equipment, which consists of the main body of the pot and the furnace and the accessories, instrument auxiliary equipment, automatic control and protection system to ensure its safe and economical continuous operation. The water is constantly heated by the energy released by the combustion of the fuel in the boiler (pot), the temperature rises and the pressurized steam is generated, and the boiling point of the water rises as the pressure increases, the pot is sealed, and the water vapor is The expansion inside is restricted to generate pressure to form thermodynamics (strictly speaking, the water vapor of the boiler is formed by constant pressure heating of water in the drum to re-vaporization of saturated water) as an energy source. Household gas boilers are commonly used in casing gas boilers, plate-changing gas boilers, and condensing gas boilers.

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