Grilled corn can be used in the oven

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Go to the welding and spend money on welding one, you can use the oven to roast corn.
Steps to roast corn

1. 2 pieces of fruit corn, peeled off the skin and corn must. Wash the skin of the corn and wash it three or five times. The tender corn must be washed, boiled with the corn, and then boiled for 8-10 minutes.

2. Prepare a small piece of butter, a small amount of garlic sauce and a proper amount of soy sauce. The cooked corn removes excess moisture from the surface and is placed on a baking tray wrapped in tin foil.

3. Dissolve the butter in water and brush evenly on the corn surface with a brush.

4. Sprinkle the amount of salt and pepper, and preheat the oven for 220 minutes.

5. After taking out, brush the appropriate amount of soy sauce, garlic sauce, and sprinkle a little salt and pepper for about 15 minutes. (Automatically adjust the time according to the oven condition) Pay attention to the flip when baking, and evenly heat.
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