Good maintenance is the key to the operation of concrete pump truck

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In order to ensure the high efficiency, safety, reliability and long working life of the pump truck, regular and correct maintenance is necessary.
The wear degree of concrete pipes is checked by percussion, and the sealing of pipe joints is checked.
Sedimentary water at the bottom of the tank is discharged regularly before start-up.
The lubricating oil tank and each lubricating point are filled with grease, and the water tank is filled with clean water.
Check whether the function of each electrical component is normal. Check the swing of the distribution valve and the normal operation of the mixing device.
Check the concrete piston should be well sealed, no mortar infiltration into the water tank.
Check the outside of the cooler, if there is dirt to be cleaned immediately, otherwise oil temperature will be easily overheated.
Check the vacuum gauge instructions, should be in the green area.
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