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Food hygiene pump belongs to the rotary positive displacement pump, high efficiency, long life, suitable for transporting temperature – 30 ℃ & ndash; + 80 ℃, the viscosity of 30-1.0 & times; 105cst, suspension liquid containing solid particles and medium with high corrosive and hygienic requirements, the pump body and the parts in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel material, and according to the different physical characteristics of the medium, the speed of the pump can be changed.
Used in food, beverage, brewing, medicine, daily chemical, petrochemical and other industries.
Structural characteristics of
3-2rp food hygiene pump is mainly composed of CAM rotor, shaft seal, gear box three parts, a pair of synchronous rotation of the transmission gear drive convex rotor rotation, to achieve medium transmission. Shaft seal can be designed as packing seal and mechanical seal according to different working conditions. High strength cast iron gear box, spiral gear and heavy load bearing are used to ensure long life. The main part of the box assembly, do not remove the gear box can adjust the rotor clearance. O-type sealing ring material is silicone rubber, when the medium has corrosive, the use of teflon. From the motor to the pump, pump steering clockwise rotation.
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