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Author Articoli
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The teacher said that the circulating pump was heated only when it was installed here. He regretted knowing it was too late.
This winter is colder than in previous years. Heating, geothermal, hot water bags, thermos cups and so on, we use all kinds of poles. A circulating pump can be installed when the geothermal temperature is not high and the geothermal temperature is not warm. So the question arises. Where is the circulating pump installed? Let’s get to know it.
First, we need to understand the role of circulating pumps. The most important function of the circulating pump is to increase the pressure in the pipe, so that the pressure difference between the intake pipe and the outlet pipe can be reduced. Then the water flow will be accelerated, the circulation speed will be accelerated, and the house will become warmer. Installing a circulating pump will be the most effective way when geothermal heat is not warm at home.
Secondly, there are two general statements about the installation location of the circulating pump. One is to install the circulating pump on the water return pipe, because the water temperature of the water return pipe is low, which can prolong the service life of the pump. Secondly, the circulating pump is installed on the intake, so that in the process of operation of the circulating pump, there is no phenomenon of being emptied, and the resistance of the circulating pump can be reduced.

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