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A fireplace is an indoor heating device built independently or on walls. It uses combustible materials as its energy source and has chimneys inside. It originated from heating facilities of western families or palaces.
Because its fuel is renewable resources and is modernized and improved, it is still widely used in the West, especially in the higher education class which advocates the concept of environmental protection. The fireplace is divided into two types: the open type and the closed type. The latter has much higher thermal efficiency.
Fireplace, English name: fireplace, and masonry heater, the former is open combustion, the latter has a closed combustion structure with heating as the main purpose. It is a fire heating device built on the wall in the room. The fireplace was originally used in Western countries. It has decorative effect and considerable practical value. It is very popular in Nordic countries. According to the culture of different countries, [2] is divided into Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, British fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style and so on, so the shape is different. The basic structure of fireplace includes: fireplace frame, fireplace core and flue. The mantelpiece plays a decorative role. The hearth core plays a practical role, and the flue is used for exhaust. The fireplace bracket is classified into marble bracket, wooden bracket, imitation marble bracket (resin) and stacked bracket according to the different materials. The hearth cores are classified according to different fuels as electric hearth, real fire hearth (burning carbon and wood) and gas hearth (natural gas). True fireplace needs the support of architectural design, chimney and hearth. The hearth can be cast iron hearth or refractory bricks. If there is no chimney, cast iron pipe can be used instead. The diameter of cast iron pipe is not less than 12 cm and the inner diameter is not less than 11 cm. In western countries, flue designs are generally available. So the real fireplace is also widely used in Western countries. The electric fireplace is easy to install, and the matching fireplace frame is adopted by the households without flue design in China. After all, the domestic common urban residential buildings are limited by the housing structure, and the heating mode is centralized heating. The fireplace has many decorative components, but it has little practical value. [3] True fire fireplace is mainly used in villas in China, but there are few excellent examples of design and construction, which limits the heating value of fireplace. Some fireplaces incorporate ovens for toasting bread, pizza or roasting meat, with a different flavor. In recent years, fireplaces have been installed in many domestic decorations, but it is rare to give full play to the efficient heating function of European fireplaces.
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