erosion, in order to ensure the quality

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applications, the following we have a detailed understanding of the wooden tea tray production process. 1, wood drying timber in the transport and storage process due to the impact of different environments will be damp, and even insects and other factors erosion, in order to ensure the quality of materials and products, must undergo a special drying. 2, cutting parts will cut the wood again cut the sample, for example: the production of tea tray when the size of the

need and the production of tea sets need the size. 3, parts processing in the cutting of wood on the line with a manuscript, and then meticulous processing. At this point, the style of the tea tray is basically visible. 4, tea tray assembly of a variety of parts processing is completed, the next is to assemble it to ensure the assembly after the fit and firmness, must be carried out in the mold on the detailed assembly. 5, tea tray paint a product assembled, it has basically

completed the production process. Only to be painted paint will be completely completed. 6, the final product packaging is a process of tea tray product quality protection. All the products are strictly tested in order to finally enter the packaging. The history of the most detailed wooden tea tray production process, had a small series to share over, and hope to understand the wooden tea tray to help, for more information on household items, please continue to pay

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