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Author Articoli
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Elephant pump car filter 5714425836 pump truck special hydraulic oil filter high pressure oil filter technical conditions 1. Filter pressure difference: 21MPa 2. Working temperature: -10 ~ +100 ° C 3. Filtration accuracy: 5 ~ 20μm 4. Working medium: general Hydraulic oil. 5. The filter element is made of stainless steel microfiber sintered felt, which has high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance, large dirt holding capacity, good filtration performance and can be used repeatedly. . Filter test according to the following standard ISO2941 filter core crush test ISO2942 filter structure integrity test ISO2943 filter material and fluid compatibility test ISO3723 filter end load test ISO3724 filter flow fatigue test ISO4572 multiple pass test ISO3968 filter differential pressure characteristic test ISO3968 Flow-pressure differential characteristic test test oil viscosity


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