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Author Articoli
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brief introduction
Double vane pump is composed of two single-stage vane pumps installed in a pump body in parallel on the oil road. The rotors of two vane pumps are driven by the same transmission shaft, and have their own independent oil outlets. The two pumps can be of equal or unequal flow.
Double vane pumps are often used in special machine tools with fast feed and working feed requirements. At this time, double vane pumps consist of a small flow and a large flow pump. When feeding fast, two pumps supply oil at the same time (the pressure is lower at this time), when working feed, the oil is supplied by a small flow pump (the pressure is higher at this time), while unloading a large flow pump in the oil system, which can save energy and reduce oil heating compared with using a high pressure and large flow pump. This double vane pump is also commonly used in the hydraulic system of machine tools, which requires two independent oil paths that do not affect each other.

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