Double liquid grouting pump

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Author Articoli
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Product introduction of double liquid grouting pump
Double liquid grouting pump can transport cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water and other media. It can transport two kinds of media at the same time and one medium separately. It has stable performance, compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance.
Dual-fluid grouting pump is widely used in tunnel, mine working face grouting water plugging; rock roadway and concrete wall grouting water plugging; tunnel cracks, broken rock mass, reinforcement of evacuated rock; anchoring grouting; backfilling grouting and preventing surface subsidence, preventing landslides, correcting building deflection grouting and so on.
Main Technical Characteristics of Double-liquid Grouting Pump
Single cylinder and double action, piston reciprocating once, can realize the suction and drainage of two liquids;
Hydraulic drive, reliable operation of the machine, high pump pressure;
The original commutation mechanism can also be applied to workplaces with special requirements (explosion-proof).
The structure is compact and suitable for construction in narrow space.

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