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Human beings have used copper and its alloys for thousands of years. Cyprus was the main mining area of copper in ancient Rome, so it was originally named cyprium (meaning Cyprus metal) and later turned into cuprum, which is the source of its English (copper), French (cuivre) and German (Kupfer).[url=]Steel Pipe for ASTM A53 BS1387 EN10025 Standard s355jr[/url]
Copper is one of the earliest metals used by human beings. As early as prehistoric times, people began to excavate open-pit copper mines, and use the acquired copper to make weapons, utensils and other utensils. The use of copper had a far-reaching impact on the progress of early human civilization.[url=]Earthing material Galvanized Steel Bar and Steel Rod[/url]
China has a long history of using copper. About six or seven thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors discovered and began to use copper. 1973 Lintong Jiang, Shaanxi
A semi-circular remnant copper sheet unearthed at the Zhai site was identified as brass. In 1975, a bronze knife unearthed from the Linjia Majiayao Cultural Site in Dongxiang, Gansu Province (about 3000 B.C.) is the earliest bronze ware found in China, which is the proof that China has entered the bronze age. Compared with West Asia, South Asia and North Africa, which entered the Bronze Age about 6500 years ago, the Chinese Bronze Age came later. In China, there existed a time when bronze and stone tools were used together, dating from about 5500 to 4500 years ago. On this basis, China invented bronze alloy, which is the same as the world bronze development model.
“The great events of the country are sacrificing and fighting.” For all the countries in the Central Plains of China before the Qin Dynasty, the greatest thing is sacrifice and foreign war. As the representative of the most advanced metal refining and casting technology at that time, bronze was also mainly used in sacrificial rituals and war. The bronzes found in the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties all have the functions of ceremonial utensils and weapons as well as the accessories around them. This is different from the bronzes found in other countries in the world and forms a cultural system of bronzes with Chinese traditional characteristics.
Generally, the development of Chinese bronze culture can be divided into three stages, namely, the formation period, the peak period and the transformation period. The formation period refers to the Longshan Age, 4500-4000 years ago; the peak period is the Chinese Bronze Age, which includes the Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn Period and the early Warring States Period, and lasts for more than 1600 years, that is, the era of bronze culture in the traditional Chinese system; the transformation period refers to the late Warring States Period-Qin and Han Dynasties, bronze ware has gradually evolved. Substituted by iron, not only the number of weapons has been greatly reduced, but also the original ritual and musical weapons and their use in ritual sacrifices, war activities and other important occasions have become daily appliances. Their corresponding types, structural characteristics and decorative arts have also undergone a turning change.[url=]AISI 304 Cold Rolled Mirror Finished Gauge Stainless Steel sheets[/url]

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