Construction Method of Titanium Plate

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The surface state of titanium plate is generally divided into mirror surface and wire drawing or grinding. Decoration is usually made of 0.6-2mm plates of 201 or 304 materials with different thickness. According to the thickness and decorative parts of stainless steel plate, the installation method can be divided into two types: keel with a bottom plate, keel without a bottom plate. Generally, the panel with a keel and a bottom plate is used for the panel with a thickness of less than 1.2 mm. Plates thicker than 1.2mm are mostly mounted with keel and without bottom plate. The former is mostly used for indoor wall columns or better location of moisture-proof and waterproof, such as the door decoration without rainwater, keel using wood keel, angle steel welding keel, light steel keel. The latter is mostly used for outdoor wall decoration. The keel is welded with angle steel and light steel keel.
The above construction techniques are basically the following steps:
Installation of keel frame
The installation technology of base keel can refer to the construction technology of wood keel or light steel keel, and check the verticality and flatness repeatedly.
Fixed floor
The plywood with a thickness of 5-12 mm is generally used in the floor, and the construction method and requirements are the same as those of the common wooden cover panel. But when the keel is a light steel keel or angle steel keel, drill holes on the keel with an electric drill, fix the bottom plate on the keel with self-tapping screw, and the head of the screw should not be higher than the surface of the bottom plate.
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Before installing the color stainless steel plate, the finished product should be made according to the design size and shape requirements. When there is a bottom plate, apply universal glue on the back of the bottom plate and stainless steel respectively, and gently paste the prepared stainless steel plate on the bottom plate; when there is no bottom plate, fix the pre-processed stainless steel plate on the light steel keel with stainless steel screw or weld directly on the keel;[url=]prime stainless steel pipe Square Hollow Section bar polished surface[/url]
Edge collection
For edge closing, filling sealant, pressing stainless steel trough and other methods are used for edge closing and decoration at the interface between stainless steel or at the negative and positive angles.
Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the surface of the titanium plate and tear off the protective film.
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