Comparison of Electric Ceramic Furnace and Electromagnetic Furnace

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1. High temperature
The hearth can be heated in 3 seconds. The top temperature of the hearth is about 200 degrees. It can be stir-fried, which conforms to Chinese cooking habits.
2. No picking pot
Whether it’s iron, aluminium, ceramics, glass… As long as the pan is safe for use in the pottery oven.
3. No radiation
Using the principle of infrared heating, there is no radiation of high frequency electromagnetic wave of electromagnetic furnace, no open fire, no carbon monoxide, which belongs to the health products of pollution-free and harmless human substances.
4. Thermal effect
Using the most advanced far infrared heating furnace core as heating body, using new refractory heat insulation material, the floor and the surrounding heat loss is small, heating, uniform heat conduction, higher thermal efficiency.
5. Energy saving by temperature control
The industrial temperature control system is used to control temperature accurately. When the furnace surface temperature reaches saturation, the computer system will automatically identify and let the electric pottery furnace enter the back half-power operation. This can ensure the uniform and stable temperature of the furnace surface and protect the expensive black crystal panel in the center.
6. Safety Protection
The utility model has the functions of ultra-high temperature and high and low voltage protection, and the furnace surface is provided with a high temperature warning indicator lamp.

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