Coke physical properties

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The physical properties of coke include coke sieve composition, coke bulk density, coke true relative density, coke apparent relative density, coke porosity, coke specific heat capacity, coke thermal conductivity, coke thermal stress, coke ignition temperature, coke thermal expansion coefficient, coke shrinkage rate , coke resistivity and coke permeability.
The physical properties of coke are closely related to its normal temperature mechanical strength and thermal strength and chemical properties. The main physical properties of coke are as follows:
The true density is 1.8-1.95g/cm3;
The apparent density is 0.88-1.08g/cm3;
The porosity is 35-55%;
The bulk density is 400-500kg/m3;
The average specific heat capacity is 0.808kj/(kgk) (100°C), 1.465kj/(kgk) (1000°C);
The thermal conductivity is 2.64kj/(mhk) (normal temperature), 6.91kg/(mhk) (900°C);
The ignition temperature (in the air) is 450-650 ° C;
The dry ashless base has a low calorific value of 30-32 KJ/g;
Specific surface area is 0.6-0.8m2/g

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