Charcoal stove brewing tea culture

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Author Articoli
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In the Qing Dynasty, Wuxi Huishan “listen to Songsong” once preserved a well-respected Ming bamboo stove. The rumor is: In the early years of Hongwu in the early Ming Dynasty, there was a abbot of the sea in the Song Dynasty, and the number of “senior people” was heavy. When you are on weekdays, every time you try to “self-entertain.” At the time, there was a bamboo maker from Huzhou, Zhejiang Province who said to him: “The teacher is addicted to sputum, please use bamboo as a cookware, can you?” The sacred sea is designed by the sea, and the bamboo makers make a furnace, “round and down, High and unbalanced, with fine soil as the tire, outside the bamboo for the profile, the fetal soil is “very tight”, with the handcuffs “suddenly as the golden stone sound”, the furnace body is hollow. After the bamboo stove was made, it was used and collected for the Sexual Sea. When the Qing dynasty was in the south, the furnace was still in the middle.
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