Box type resistance furnace

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Author Articoli
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This series of resistance furnace shell is made of thin steel plate by folding welding. The furnace is composed of a box shaped integral lining made of a high alumina refractory. The heating element Ocr25A15 Fe-Cr-Al alloy wire is spirally wound and threaded through the grooves on the top, bottom, left and right of the furnace lining.[url=]Vacuum drying oven use methods and precautions[/url]
The wire slot communicates with the furnace so that the heating element radiates heat directly into the furnace. This open lining can effectively speed up the temperature rise of the furnace and improve the accuracy of temperature control. The lining between the furnace lining and the furnace shell is made of aluminosilicate fiber felt and diatoms and earth bricks as insulation layer.
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The electric furnace door is fixed on the electric furnace panel through the long arm of the multistage hinge. The furnace door rotates flexibly. When closed, press down or push the handle and fasten the door hook. The furnace door can be glued to the stove mouth. When you turn on, you only need to raise your hand slightly up or down and unhook the stove door and put it on the side.[url=]Nitrogen treatment of mold[/url]

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