Bicycle automatic inflatable pump

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Author Articoli
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This “bicycle automatic inflatable pump” can solve the problem of air pumping. It can automatically inflate the bicycle in the process of riding, and when it reaches a certain pressure, it can release the excess air itself.
The structure of this device is to install an air pump with a special device on the bicycle axle, and connect the air pump with the tire valve core with a small air pipe.
Its main working principle is to use the wheel rotation to drive the special device built in the center of the axle, and convert it into the power source of the air pump, so that the air pump starts to work, produces compressed air, and is conveyed to the tire through the small gas pipe. In this way, in the continuous rotation of the wheel, air can be continuously pumped to avoid the trouble of air pumping. In addition, there are special vents. If cycling takes a long time and produces too much gas, the special vents will automatically release excess gas and maintain the standard tire pressure.

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