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Working Principle and Characteristics of Axial Flow Pump
1. Working Principle of Axial Flow Pump[url=]HP Vortex Type Oilless Vacuum Pumps[/url]
The working principle of the axial flow pump is different from that of the centrifugal pump. It mainly uses the thrust produced by the high-speed rotation of the impeller to lift water. When the blade of the axial flow pump rotates, the lifting force generated by the water can push the water from below to above.
Axial flow pump blades are generally submerged in suction pools. As the impeller rotates at high speed, under the lifting force generated by the blade, the water is continuously pushed upward to make the water flow out along the outlet pipe. The impeller rotates continuously, and the water is continuously pressed to high places.
2. General Characteristics of Axial Flow Pumps[url=]Emerald Green Pumps[/url]
(1) The direction of water flowing through the axial flow pump is along the impeller’s axial suction and axial outflow, so it is called the axial flow pump.
(2) Low lift (1-13 meters), large discharge and high benefit, suitable for drainage and irrigation in plains, lakes and rivers.
(3) No irrigation is needed before starting, and the operation is simple.
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