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The automatic pumping station is suitable for the remote monitoring and management of the pressurized pumping station in the urban water supply system. Pumping station managers can monitor the water level or inlet pressure of the clean water pool, the working state of the pressurized pump group, the outgoing flow and the outgoing pressure in the remote monitoring center of the pumping station of the water supply company; support the manual control, automatic control and remote control of the starting and stopping of the pressurized pump group of the pump starting equipment; and can monitor the image when optical fiber communication is used. Station panorama and important station to achieve pump station unattended.
Communication platform
There are two kinds of communication platforms commonly used. One is wired communication. Each pressurized pump station rents optical fiber communication with the water department. The dispatching center, the pump station monitoring center and the functional departments communicate through local area network. The communication platform can transmit continuous images. Second, wireless communication: each pressurized pumping station communicates with the dispatching center through GPRS wireless network, and the dispatching center, the pumping station monitoring center and the functional departments communicate through LAN. The communication platform can not transmit continuous images.
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