Air energy heat pump principle

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Author Articoli
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Air energy heat pump is in accordance with the “reverse carnot” principle, reverse carnot cycle principle. Hot water is produced by absorbing heat from the air through the operation of the compressor system. The specific process is as follows: the compressor compresses the refrigerant, and after the compression, the temperature rises to the ground, and the refrigerant passes through the condenser in the water tank to produce hot water. After heat exchange, the refrigerant returns to the compressor for the next cycle. In this process, the air heat is absorbed into the refrigerant through the evaporator, and the refrigerant is reintroduced into the water to produce hot water. A new generation of water heater, air energy heat pump water heater, is produced by air compressor. Figuratively speaking, is “outdoor” like pump compressed air, the air temperature, and then through a – 17 ℃ will conduct heat boiling liquid to indoor storage box, then heat conduction into the water.
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