after drying and then by cutting, planing

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Author Articoli
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"this activity is to safeguard the order of the industry, promote the development of the industry, and guide consumers how to choose wood doors and organized.". Therefore, the candidate enterprises involved in the selection of a rigorous screening, all by the enterprise registration, and consumer associations, experts and media recommend selected doors of maintenance knowledge 1, spring, autumn and winter, we must pay attention to indoor ventilation,

maintain indoor humidity, the doors at normal room temperature, humidity, prevent the doors because of humidity the temperature difference is too large, and the deformation, slotted, metal accessories have corrosive, sealed off wooden decorative materials. 2, do not often use water stains or other solution to open the door, so as not to change the door color. Open the door or turn the door handle, do not force too much, leading to reduce the door locks life.

Hinges, locks and other regular hardware fittings, when loosening occurs, should be tightened immediately. When the door lock of the wooden door is not opened, a proper amount of pencil core can be added to the key hole. 3, winter indoor temperature can not be too high (keep at about 20 degrees is appropriate), in the use of electric heating or other heating equipment, toWood wax, do not know if you have not heard, is actually a kind of paint, but there

تركيب رقائق الخشب للأسمدة
الحديثة الفناء الأرضيات الخيارات
2 × 4 البلاستيك بندر المجلس المورد

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